What is Installation Art?

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Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

Generally, the term Installation Art is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called public art, land art or intervention art; however, the boundaries between these terms overlap.

Installation as nomenclature for a specific form of art came into use fairly recently; its first use as documented by the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1969. It was coined in this context, in reference to a form of art that had arguably existed since prehistory but was not regarded as a discrete category until the mid-twentieth century. Allan Kaprow used the term “Environment” in 1958 (Kaprow 6) to describe his transformed indoor spaces; this later joined such terms as “project art” and “temporary art.”

More Installation Art:

New Pitching Machine Remote Control. Wiring by Christopher B, mounting MP. I have to say it was kind of exciting having to reset the old control when it would randomly start to move/aim the machine towards the audience.

But its so much safer to fling 6' 2x4's 2 per second @ 200mph with a modern industrial remote control. Maybe safe enough to bring to the Roxie for S Bage's SRL doc screening July 15th....?
... See MoreSee Less

Mark Pauline explains the motorized flamethrower at SRL ... See MoreSee Less

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