Thanks Obama – Killed Girlfriend’s Family

Thanks Obama!

I really love the Thanks Obama meme. When you listen to Fox news, any Republican or anyone old, you hear the most fucked up things about President Obama. Besides the fact that these sources always disrespect the president, they always seem to think that he is responsible for absolutely everything.  Maybe that’s because the Republican obstructionist Congress, can’t get anything done. Somebody must be doing it. Why not blame it on President Obama?

The below picture showed up on Facebook. The headline reads: Man drives 15 hours to shoot girlfriend’s family. Then in the comment section someone writes: If Obama hadn’t lowered the gas prices, he would not have been able to afford to make the trip. So in reality, Obama killed those people.

Is it sarcasm?

A few Facebook users commented:

Beaux Swindell wrote: Iggnorant folks out there…Wal-Mart sold his bumm ass the bullets on a “price roll back”

Paul Coleman Temple wrote: And if this guys parents hadn’t done the ‘horizontal mambo’, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. SMH

Jan Burtyk wrote: Murder is never anything to joke about. It is ironic tough that he is giving Obama credit for lower gas prices, something conservatives never would have done before. I think that might be why 50 people liked the comment, not that he blames Obama for the murder. I think the shooter would have traveled that far no matter how much the gas cost, he was obviously that angry. This is very sad, and the young man must be very sick. Philip must be sick also, to say such a thing.

Yes, murder is nothing to joke about. Nevertheless, I found these two images and I am not sure what concept is worse. You decide.

Due to cheap gas prices I could...

Due to cheap gas prices, I could afford to drive 1,049 miles to kill my girlfriend’s family.

Due to cheap gas prices, man could afford to  drive 1,049 miles to kill his girlfriend’s family.

Due to cheap gas prices, man could afford to drive 1,049 miles to kill his girlfriend’s family.

The original article comes from Florida Today:

Here is an excerpt:

A man spent Christmas Eve on a 15-hour drive to Florida, apparently bent on getting revenge on his former girlfriend’s stepmother, authorities said.

By early Christmas morning, Preston Pollard, 23, of Venus and the ex-girlfriend’s father, Richard Hutson, 36, of Marion Oaks, Fla., were dead. Hutson’s wife, Mary Lou Hutson, 55, was shot and taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

After Pollard shot the Hutsons, he drove off, authorities said. A few hours and about 350 miles later, Pollard shot himself as officers spotted his car heading west on Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County, Fla.

To read the complete article, visit: Florida Today

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