Edgar Wallace Folge 03:

Der Hexer

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Read by, Manfred Krug, Sascha Draeger, Alexandra Doerk, Günther Lüdke, Rainer Schmitt, Peter von Schulz, Ingeborg Kallweit, Franz-Josef Steffens, Angelika Merkert, Michael Weckler

Description (English):

The Ringer (Der Hexer) is the story of a legendary assassin who kills for personal vengeance. He is a master of disguise and deception. Though previously confirmed to have died in Australia, the Ringer has returned to London after his sister is found floating dead in the River Thames. Scotland Yard takes up the fight against the vigilante anti-hero who has taken on the task hunting those responsible for his sister’s death.

Short German Description

Der “Hexer”, trägt seinen Spitznamen zu Recht. Denn er ist ein Meister der Verkleidung und der Täuschung. Nach dem Tod seiner Schwester kehrt er nach London zurück, um Rache zu nehmen. Scotland Yard nimmt den Kampf gegen den Mann auf, der es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, jene Bösewichte zu richten, bei denen das Gesetz nicht greift.

About the Author

Edgar Wallace (1 April, 1875 – 10 February, 1932) was a prolific English writer, a soldier, poet, war correspondent, reporter, author, and playwright.. As well as journalism, Wallace wrote screenplays, poetry, historical non-fiction, 18 stage plays, 957 short stories and over 170 novels. He wrote 12 novels in 1929 alone.  His books have been translated into 28 languages and sales of which have exceeded 50 million copies. Over 160 films have been made from his books, more than any other author. He was working on the original screenplay for King Kong when he died.

Original Public Domain Book:

You can download the original English book for free from Project Gutenberg Australia: Der Hexer:
From the English Version of Der Hexer (The Ringer):

The Ringer!

The very name produced a little thrill that was unpleasantly like a shiver. Yet Alan Wembury was without fear; his courage, both as a soldier and a detective, was inscribed in golden letters. But there was something very sinister and deadly in the very name of The Ringer, something that conjured up a repellent spectacle…the cold, passionless eyes of a cobra.

Who had not heard of The Ringer? His exploits had terrified London. He had killed ruthlessly, purposelessly, if his motive were one of personal vengeance. Men who had good reason to hate and fear him, had gone to bed, hale and hearty, snapping their fingers at the menace, safe in the consciousness that their houses were surrounded by watchful policemen. In the morning they had been found stark and dead. The Ringer, like the dark angel of death, had passed and withered them in their prime.

“Though The Ringer no longer haunts your division, there is one man in Deptford I would like to warn you against,” said Colonel Walford, “and he–“

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