ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

WARNING: Some images on this page are shocking!

Let me ask all of you godless, freethinking skeptics a question. If the fundamentalist fringe of the Islamic faith is willing to burn fellow Muslims to death to prove their divine point, what do you think they will do to atheists?

If Islam takes over the world, atheists are going to burn.

What can we do about the Islamic problem? Should we go to war? No. Wars solve nothing. We cannot win a war in the region unless we are willing to kill everybody living there. That’s not a solution.

The only way for us to end this problem is for the West “out tech” our enemies. Science is how we will solve this problem. We should be spending all of our available resources trying to develop alternative forms of energy. We, the West, need to get off of oil as quickly as possible. Alternative Energy! Science, not wars. After we stop buying their oil, this problem will take care of itself.

Burned Alive
Burned Alive

Image Source: CNN

Jordanian pilot - Burned Alive
ISIS first poured gasoline on the Jordanian pilot.
Jordanian pilot - Burned Alive
ISIS then put the Jordanian pilot in a cage and set him on fire.
Jordanian pilot - Burned Alive
The Jordanian pilot burned alive.

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