30 Free Isometric Vector Graphics

Get a free set of 30 isometric vector graphics by tweeting or sharing a link. Advanced users can go directly to the FREE Graphics or you can follow the below step-by-step instructions. Download Now.

Isometric House
Isometric House – 1 of the 30 free vector graphics

How to get 30 free vector graphics

IsometricMaps.com is giving away 30 isometric vector graphics to promote their extremely interesting website. To get the free vector graphics, follow these easy steps.

1) Visit IsometricMaps.com. The website looks like the following image:

Isometric Maps Website

2) Click the Start button in the center of the screen.

IsometricMaps.com - Get Started Now
IsometricMaps.com – Get Started Now

3) After clicking the “Get Started Now” link, you’ll be directed to the following page. You must decide how  you would like to share the IsometricMaps.com link: Google+, Twitter or Facebook. I used Twitter. Do not click the green “Free Download” button. that’s a paid ad and it will redirect you to the PDFConverter page. Click the blue links: Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share IsometricMaps.com with your friends.

Get Elements by paying with a tweet or a Facebook share.
Get Elements by paying with a tweet or a Facebook share.

4) After sharing the website with your friends, you’ll be redirected to the download page. Avoid the green “Download Now” button. That will take you to the MacPhotoPro page. Click the pink “Free Isometric Map Elements” in the center of the screen. Your download should begin.

IsometricMaps.com Download page
IsometricMaps.com Download page

5) If you have a problem with the download, wait a few minutes. Initially, I received an error. After waiting for 5 minutes, I was able to download the free elements automatically. The files are in a single Adobe Illustrator AI File.

I am a big fan of Isometric images. If I find any other free isometric buildings, I’ll post them again at this website. Please check back again.

Example of Isometric Elements
Example of Isometric Elements – Some of these are available in the free set.

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