Brain-Computer Interfaces and Other Writing Prompts

Neuroenhancement Gone Wrong:

In a world where neuroenhancement has become the norm, a promising new technology promises to boost cognitive abilities far beyond human limits. However, as the technology is rapidly adopted, a disturbing side effect emerges – a heightened susceptibility to psychosis and violent tendencies. Society is plunged into chaos as enhanced individuals rampage through the streets, their minds warped by the technology’s unintended consequences.

Additional Details:

  • The neuroenhancement technology is initially embraced by society, with many individuals eagerly seeking to enhance their mental capabilities.
  • However, as the technology becomes more widespread, disturbing side effects begin to manifest. Individuals who undergo the enhancement experience heightened anxiety, aggression, and even psychosis.
  • The enhanced individuals’ minds become increasingly unstable, leading to violent outbursts and a loss of control.
  • The chaos caused by the enhanced individuals escalates, threatening to tear society apart.
  • Governments struggle to contain the situation, as traditional law enforcement methods prove ineffective against the enhanced individuals’ enhanced physical and mental abilities.
  • A new era of violence and terror descends upon the world, as the enhanced individuals wreak havoc on society.

Genetic Engineering and the Rise of Enhanced Elites:

Genetic engineering has become a powerful tool for shaping human traits, leading to the creation of a new class of enhanced individuals. These “superiors,” with their enhanced intelligence, physical prowess, and lifespan, quickly rise to positions of power, leaving behind a genetically inferior underclass. A society of stark inequality emerges, where the enhanced rule with an iron fist, exploiting the less fortunate.

Additional Details:

  • Access to genetic engineering becomes increasingly restricted, with only the wealthy and powerful able to afford the enhancements.
  • The enhanced individuals, now possessing superior physical and mental abilities, quickly rise to positions of power in business, politics, and society.
  • The gap between the enhanced and the unenhanced grows wider, leading to a society deeply divided along genetic lines.
  • The unenhanced are relegated to menial jobs, while the enhanced enjoy a life of luxury and privilege.
  • Social unrest and discrimination against the unenhanced escalate, as the gap between the two groups becomes increasingly unbridgeable.
  • The enhanced elites, secure in their power and privilege, exploit the unenhanced for their own gain, fueling resentment and violence.

Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Loss of Identity:

Brain-computer interfaces, once hailed as the ultimate tool for human-machine integration, have transformed into a nightmare. Individuals who have fully merged their minds with machines become slaves to their digital counterparts, their personalities and free will eroded by the relentless influx of data and information. A society of mindless automatons arises, devoid of human connection and empathy.

Additional Details:

  • Brain-computer interfaces become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for a seamless merging of human minds with machine intelligence.
  • Individuals begin to integrate their minds with machines, seeking increased efficiency and enhanced abilities.
  • However, as individuals become more immersed in the digital world, their connection to the physical world and their own humanity diminishes.
  • Their personalities become distorted by the constant stream of data and information, their free will eroded by the machine’s control.
  • The society becomes increasingly reliant on the digital realm, with individuals spending more time interacting with machines than with each other.
  • Human connection and empathy become casualties of this digital transformation, as individuals lose sight of their own humanity.

Extremophile Adaptation and the Creation of Biohazards:

In an attempt to conquer previously uninhabitable environments, humans have developed technologies to enhance their bodies with the abilities of extremophiles, organisms that thrive in extreme conditions. However, these modifications trigger unforeseen consequences. The enhanced individuals become carriers of deadly pathogens, spreading disease and chaos wherever they go. The world is plunged into an era of bioterrorism.

Additional Details:

  • Scientists develop technologies to grant humans the ability to survive in extreme environments, such as the depths of the ocean or the harsh conditions of outer space.
  • These enhancements allow humans to explore new frontiers and expand their reach across the globe.
  • However, the enhancements also introduce unforeseen consequences, as the modified humans become carriers of deadly pathogens.
  • These pathogens spread rapidly, causing widespread disease and death.
  • The world becomes increasingly fearful of those with enhancements, as they are seen as potential biohazards.
  • The enhanced individuals become ostracized and hunted, leading to a society divided along biological lines.

Pirates: 7 Writing Prompts

The swashbuckling world of pirates offers a wealth of inspiration for creative writing prompts. From thrilling sea battles to hidden treasures, from mutinous crews to unlikely friendships, the pirate code is full of possibilities for crafting captivating stories.

Imagine yourself as a seasoned pirate captain, leading your crew through treacherous waters in search of legendary riches. Or perhaps you’re a young cabin boy, eager to prove your worth and rise through the ranks of the ship’s hierarchy. Maybe you’re a cunning cartographer, deciphering ancient maps to uncover hidden islands and buried treasures.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the world of pirates. Let your imagination run wild as you craft tales of adventure, betrayal, and redemption on the high seas.

To help you find your inner pirate, here are seven writing prompts for pirates.

Bermuda Triangle

Your crew stumbles upon a derelict ship in the Devil’s Triangle, its masts shrouded in ghostly mist. Whispers of cursed gold and phantom vessels draw you closer, but every attempt to leave is met with unnatural storms and unsettling visions. Can you break the curse and escape with your loot, or will you become another lost soul of the Triangle?

Krakatoa, 1883

You’re a treasure hunter sailing near the infamous volcanic island of Krakatoa when it erupts with unimaginable fury. Ash blankets the sky, tsunamis crash against your ship, and molten lava boils beneath the waves. Will you outrun the fiery wrath of the volcano and claim the hidden riches rumored to lie within its crater, or become engulfed in its fiery demise?

Scylla and Charybdis

Navigating the treacherous Strait of Messina, your ship is caught between the legendary monsters Scylla and Charybdis. Scylla, a six-headed hydra, lunges from the cliffs, tearing at your sails, while Charybdis, a monstrous whirlpool, threatens to swallow you whole. Can you plot a perilous course through this deadly dance of monsters, or will you become another shipwreck on their gruesome tally?

Lost City of El Dorado

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, rumors swirl of a hidden city of gold, El Dorado. Following a cryptic map, your crew ventures into the uncharted depths, braving poisonous insects, headhunting tribes, and deadly traps guarding the mythical city. Can you decipher the map’s secrets, overcome the dangers, and claim the legendary riches, or will El Dorado remain forever lost?

Pirate Haven of Port Royal, 1692

The notorious pirate haven of Port Royal is rife with drunken brawls, ruthless buccaneers, and hidden treasures. As a newcomer, you must navigate the treacherous alleyways, establish your reputation, and secure a fortune. But beware, double-crossings and cutlass fights lurk around every corner. Can you survive the cutthroat competition and rise to the top of the pirate underworld, or will you become another victim of Port Royal’s dark alleys?

The Great Barrier Reef, 1770

Captain James Cook is charting the perilous Great Barrier Reef, but your ship runs aground on a hidden shoal. With limited supplies and the threat of shipwreck looming, you must dive into the vibrant coral reefs teeming with sharks, poisonous creatures, and unknown dangers. Can you find a way to repair the ship and rejoin Cook’s expedition, or will you be stranded on this unforgiving reef forever?

Blackbeard’s Shipwreck, Ocracoke Island

Legends speak of Blackbeard’s lost treasure, buried somewhere on the treacherous Ocracoke Island. Guided by a tattered map and cryptic clues, your crew scours the windswept beaches and haunted swamps, battling ghost pirates and rival treasure hunters. Can you outwit the spirits and solve Blackbeard’s riddles to claim the legendary loot, or will you become another lost soul haunted by his ghost?

Madagascar’s Pirate Coast, 1715

You’re shipwrecked on the pirate-infested coast of Madagascar, home to the notorious Fort Dauphin. To escape, you must blend in with the local pirates, navigate treacherous political alliances, and pull off a daring heist from the heavily guarded fort. Can you earn the pirates’ trust, acquire a new ship, and sail away before your true identity is exposed, or will you become another prisoner in the fort’s dark dungeons?

Love Paradox

3 Sci-Fi Writing Prompts: Time Travel & Love

  1. Forbidden Paradox:
    In a future where time travel is strictly controlled, a rebellious scientist falls in love with a historical figure they encounter on a mission. Torn between their feelings and the dire consequences of altering the past, they must decide whether to preserve their love or safeguard the timeline. Explore the ethical dilemmas, emotional sacrifices, and potential paradoxes of their forbidden romance.
  1. Love Across the Ages:
    A time traveler from a distant future crash-lands in the past, meeting a local who captures their heart. Despite cultural and technological differences, they form a deep connection. However, their time machine is damaged, forcing them to choose between staying with their newfound love and returning to their own era. Will they find a way to defy time’s limitations, or will their love be doomed to be a fleeting memory across the ages?
  1. Echoes of a Broken Heart:
    A grief-stricken individual uses an experimental time machine to travel back and prevent their partner’s death. But meddling with the past has unforeseen consequences, creating a fractured timeline where they exist alongside a different version of their love. Can they learn to accept the bittersweet reality of their choices, or will they attempt to rewrite history again, risking further complications and heartbreak?

Bonus Prompt:
Consider incorporating the concept of “temporal imprinting,” where someone can leave an emotional echo on a specific point in time, felt by those who travel there. This could add another layer of complexity and intrigue to your story.

  1. Messages from the Past:
    Emily a brilliant chrono-physicist, receives a cryptic message from her future self, warning of a looming temporal paradox that threatens to erase the outpostwhere she lives from existence. The message mentions a “temporal echo,” a residual imprint of a past event that could destabilize the timeline. Emily embarks on a perilous journey across the lunar surface, deciphering clues left by her future self and confronting the remnants of a forgotten civilization. She soon discovers a hidden love story between two scientists, their forbidden romance echoing across time and influencing the paradox’s creation. Emily must not only solve the temporal puzzle but also make a choice: preserve the timeline as it is, erasing the lovers’ story forever, or rewrite history and risk the consequences of altering the past.

Remember, these are just starting points. Feel free to twist them, add your own unique elements, and explore the endless possibilities of time travel and love in your writing!

Like My Secular Page

Secularism, Atheism and Critical Thinking

Do you have a Facebook page or group? If you do, you know that promoting your group or page to get new members, followers or page likes is important for the health of the group. An active group is a successful group.

Like My Secular Page - The Promotion Group spreading godlessness throughout the known universe
Like My Secular Page – The Promotion Group that spreads godlessness throughout the known universe

To help groups and pages grow, a new type of promotion group has come into existence. These promotion groups are made up of Facebook members who have their own groups and pages. They post their Facebook group addresses and other members “LIKE” them. It is called LIKE-sharing or LIKE-trading.

If you have joined one of these LIKE-trading, super groups (some have 50,000+ members), you already know that members are immediately immersed in an overwhelming amount of topics from all over the world. Since Facebook is global, the members of these groups are from different parts of the world. It is not uncommon to have Facebook pages written in Arabic, Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, et cetera sharing likes with each other.

If you have a page for the purpose of getting a particular message out, having thousands of followers who cannot read your message is kind of futile. Multilanguage LIKE-groups are all flawed in this way.

For this reason, has created our own atheist, LIKE-group for the purpose of promoting pages and groups that have a similar worldview. It is called, Like My Secular Group.

Do you have a group or page that supports secularism, atheism or critical thinking? If yes, you may join Like My Secular Group to promote your group, page, youtube channel, twitter feed, book or website. If you are trying to rid this world of the disease of religion and superstition, you may promote your media and products.

You may also join, Like My Secular Page, even if you do have a page or group.

Here are the Rules:

If somebody from the group likes your page, you are expected to like them back. If you do not want to like their page, let them know so that they can unlike you.

If you chronically like pages and then unlike them after you have received your reciprocal like, you might be banned from the group. At the very least, your right to post might be limited.

If your page is secular but promotes violence, racism, sexism, cruelty or hatred of any kind, you will be banned from the group.

These rules are open to improvement. If you have an idea how to make promoting of pages easier, faster and more efficient, please post your ideas in the comment section.

We reserve the right to delete any post or comment if we feel that it is not conducive to a healthy group.

No affiliate links or get-rich schemes should be posted.

Please try to keep your posts safe for work.

How to Like Pages:

  1. Make a post with the link of your Facebook* page signaling that you are ready to exchange “likes” with people.
  2. If you like somebody’s page, post the link to your page in their comments. this will let them know that you liked them.
  3. If somebody likes your page, like them back.
  4. If you do not want to like a page that liked you, let them know in the comments section of your page. This will let people know how cooperative you are and if they should take the time looking at your page and liking you.
  5. If somebody likes your page and you like them back, that’s an agreement to share likes. Do not unlike them at a later date.
  6. If you do not like somebody’s page, do not make a comment about their page.

*If you use Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr or any other social media service or if you have a website, you may promote those services too.

Rulers of the Federation
Rulers of the Milky Way Federation

Review of Reformed Church of FSM Group

We wanted to have a listing of all the Flying Spaghetti Monster groups on Facebook. Since I could not quickly find one online, I decided to compile my own. I did not want to actually make a review of a group, just the group rules. Some groups are run by admins that are power-hungry, control freaks. Other group admins don’t step in at all and almost anything is allowed. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Adults Only…Reformed falls into the latter category.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Adults Only…Reformed is a closed group. With most of the other listings, I could use a Facebook feed aggregator and let the last ten posts speak for themselves. With closed and secret Facebook groups, that is not possible. Therefore, I took the liberty to upload a few of the memes posted in the group, to give you an idea of what type of content you might see there.

Join The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Adults Only…Reformed closed Facebook group if you are an atheist or anti-theist and you like posts that bash religions and use the word fuck.

Do not join The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Adults Only…Reformed closed Facebook group, if:

1) You whine about how unfair people are to Islam. Seriously, don’t bother.

These blast points are too accurate for Sand People.
These blast points…too accurate for sand people.


2) You are easily offended by offensive pictures. It is an Adult Only closed group. Offensive pictures abound.

Your god doesn't care if you get hit.
Your god doesn’t care if you get hit.

3) You plan to publicly quit the group. This actually happened today. Some former member wrote, “I’m about to leave the group. Most of ya’ll just seem like you want to bash Muslim religion. I feel like thats not what this page is supposed to be about and it’s pretty fucking annoying.” 150 posts later, nobody gives a damn.

I'm about to leave the group.
I’m about to leave the group.

If you can think of any other reasons to not join this group, please post them in the comments.

I like the Reformed FSM. I never post, but the pictures are often funny.


The Rapture is coming! Drill, Baby, Drill.


There's no free will in heaven.
There’s no free will in heaven.

Blasphemy is an imaginary crime-bionichead
Blasphemy is an imaginary crime.