10 Adult Ghost Stories

These 10 Ghost Storywriting prompts are like stepping stones, giving you a place to start and then letting you run wild with your imagination. Use these prompts to create your own totally unique and exciting stories for adults. You don’t have to follow any set plans or end up anywhere in particular. These prompts are just here to help you get started, so you can explore your creativity without any limits.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, please share it with us in the comments below. We’d love to read your stories!

Haunted Ballroom, Prague

In a crumbling Art Nouveau ballroom, forgotten since the Nazi occupation, a modern-day restoration team stumbles upon a hidden chamber. Inside, an ancient fresco depicts a ritualistic dance, and a haunting melody whispers on the wind. When a team member succumbs to an inexplicable desire, the others must confront the ghosts of the past and the insatiable hunger of a space vampire awakened by their intrusion.

Catacombs of Desire, Paris

Beneath the glittering facade of Paris, a network of forgotten catacombs echoes with whispers of forbidden pleasures. A lone photographer, drawn by rumors of occult rituals, discovers a hidden alcove adorned with erotic murals. As he delves deeper, he encounters a coven of alluring vampires who offer him a taste of immortality – at a steep price.

Berlin Shadows

In the sprawling ruins of a Cold War-era bunker, a group of urban explorers stumbles upon a hidden lab. Inside, they find the remnants of a twisted experiment – a device capable of amplifying human desire to a point of self-destruction. As they become entangled with a shadowy organization obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the device, they must confront their own deepest desires and fight for their sanity.

Venice Unveiled

Beneath the shimmering canals of Venice, a forgotten palazzo hides a dark secret – a hidden portal to a dimension of pure lust. An architect, hired to restore the palazzo, falls prey to the seductive whispers of the portal. As he becomes consumed by an insatiable desire, he must choose between his earthly love and the intoxicating promises of the otherworldly realm.

Spanish Inquisition Echoes

In the abandoned halls of a former Spanish Inquisition prison, a group of filmmakers uncovers a hidden chamber filled with forgotten torture devices. As they delve deeper into the prison’s history, they become haunted by the ghosts of the tortured and the whispers of a demonic entity that once presided over the proceedings. To escape, they must confront their own darkest fears and perform a ritual to appease the entity’s insatiable hunger.

Roman Ruins, Rituals, and Revelry

In the crumbling ruins of an ancient Roman bathhouse, a group of archaeologists unearths a hidden chamber dedicated to the worship of a forgotten god of pleasure. As they activate the chamber’s dormant mechanisms, they unwittingly unleash a wave of hedonistic energy that sweeps through the city, inciting a night of unrestrained desire and chaos. To restore order, they must decipher the god’s forgotten rituals and perform a sacrifice before the city succumbs to its insatiable lust.

London’s Labyrinthine Lust

In the twisting alleys of London’s East End, a struggling artist stumbles upon a hidden portal within an abandoned Victorian mansion. Inside, a decadent ballroom pulsates with the energy of a thousand desires. As she navigates this labyrinthine realm of pleasure, she encounters a cast of captivating characters, each offering a tempting glimpse into a world of forbidden desires. But behind the masks and merriment lurks a dark secret, and the artist must choose between succumbing to her own desires or escaping the clutches of this seductive prison.

Alpine Abominations

In the frozen peaks of the Alps, a team of scientists investigates a hidden research facility rumored to have been involved in occult experiments. Inside, they discover a horrifying truth – the facility was dedicated to the creation of hybrid creatures, infused with the power of space vampires. As the creatures break free, the scientists must fight for survival in a desolate landscape stalked by these monstrous entities.

Dublin’s Demonic Dance

In the cobbled streets of Dublin, a group of musicians stumbles upon the sheet music for a forgotten Irish jig rumored to possess demonic power. As they learn the tune, they unleash a wave of dark energy that awakens a slumbering demonic entity within the city. To banish the entity, they must perform the jig in a sacred site, but the entity’s seductive whispers threaten to turn them against each other, jeopardizing their mission and their souls.

Edinburgh’s Ecstatic Echoes

In the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, a group of ghost hunters investigates a haunted tenement rumored to be the site of a witch trial. As they delve deeper into the building’s history, they discover a hidden chamber where the witches once performed ecstatic rituals fueled by the energy of the spirit realm. As they attempt to contact the spirits, they risk becoming vessels for their insatiable desires, trapped in a cycle of eternal pleasure and torment.