INSTANT Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to

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Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to

by Daniel Bates.

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Minecraft is a hugely successful game, having sold more than 20 million copies worldwide across a range of platforms. The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, low-power computer that aims to get people interested in Computer Science. The two have joined forces to bring you Minecraft: Pi Edition, allowing you to explore the world of programming and to see instant results in the Minecraft world.


INSTANT Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to
INSTANT Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to

Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to provides a clear and concise guide to Minecraft: Pi Edition, from setting up a Raspberry Pi and getting Minecraft running, right through to some simple (and not-so-simple!) programming. The programs used in this book can speed up the Minecraft building process and allow interactivity that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.This book will take you through a number of clear recipes showing you how to set up a Raspberry Pi, introduce you to the Python programming language, and show you how to make the Minecraft world communicate with the real world.

On the way, you will get a basic grounding in the Linux operating system and learn some good coding practices. You will create a game-within-a-game in the form of an interactive Reversi board in the Minecraft world. Some simple electronics examples are also included, which show you how easily software and hardware can work together.

When you have finished reading Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to, the sky is the limit for your Minecraft building. Interactive environments will be the norm, and you will discover how programming can help in every part of your Minecraft experience.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for everyone who would like to expand their Minecraft world by learning to code with Minecraft: Pi Edition.

  1. Learn something new in an instant with this short, fast, focused guide designed to deliver immediate results.
  2. Enhance your Minecraft building techniques using computer code.
  3. Get started with the Linux operating system on the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Make the Minecraft world interact with the real world.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi
  • Discover more about Linux and a wide range of features of the Python programming language
  • Understand how to structure code to make it easier to reuse, making your work even faster
  • Learn how to code a Reversi game board and apply it to Minecraft
  • Master how to adapt the existing code to influence the Minecraft world

Table of Contents


  1. Setting up Raspberry Pi (Simple)
  2. Setting up Minecraft: Pi Edition (Simple)
  3. Coding with Minecraft (Simple)
  4. Creating a Reversi game board (Intermediate)
  5. Adding Reversi rules (Intermediate)
  6. Bringing Reversi to Minecraft (Advanced)
  7. Reacting to the real world (Advanced)
  8. Building a secret door (Intermediate)
  9. Reacting to the Minecraft world (Advanced)
  10. Building a burglar alarm (Intermediate)

About the Author

Daniel Bates

Daniel Bates is a computer science researcher at the University of Cambridge. His day job involves inventing designs for future mobile phone processors and when he gets home, he likes playing games or working on one of his coding projects (or both!). Daniel has been a volunteer for the Raspberry Pi Foundation since 2011 and is enthusiastic about introducing new people to computing. He has previously written Instant Minecraft: Pi Edition Coding How-to and Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids (First Edition), both published by Packt Publishing.