Chris Christie’s is still flawed, but he is not worried. Donuts are not extinct.

fucking fat-ass loser
It is not small-minded to be concerned about a presidential candidate’s personality and addictions. His policies, as with most politicians, change depending on who is donating to his campaign. Policy speeches are rarely written by the candidate anyhow. That’s all smoke and mirrors.
A candidate’s personality, however, is very telling. This man is obviously unable to control himself and his desires. You can see this because he must compulsively overeat to be as fat as he is. His weight shows this weakness in his puffy little cheeks.
What a fat fuck
His weight also shows that he is not concerned with his health. He must know that he is shortening his lifespan, yet he continues to eat poorly. That not only means that he lies to himself about his eating habits, it also shows that he has poor decision-making abilities. He chooses the path of least resistance. If he cannot show the discipline it takes to maintain a healthy weight, when it would be for the good of himself and his family, how can he be trusted to have the discipline it takes to selflessly lead country?I’d never vote for an alcoholic, a drug addict, a sex addict, a food addict, a gambling addict, a compulsive liar or a whole host of other personality disorders that show a person to be too flawed to lead. He cannot control himself. He is weak. Therefore, this fat fuck’s weight is extremely relevant if you vote for a person based on character.
What a fat pig
People talk about body-shaming like it is racism. BS. Fat people are foodaholics. They are no different than alcoholics or drug addicts. They get no free pass. They are fucking up their health and they need to start eating right. Just because America is an overweight nation and being fat is normal, it does not mean that it is the smart choice. Eat some vegetables every once in a while. Go for a walk. Stop acting like you are trying to die as quickly as possible.