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Improve your second language and multi-task while listening to audio books

I have always loved reading. Through most of my life, I have spent a great deal of time immersed in books. Unfortunately, my life seems to have gotten increasingly complicated. The amount of time that I can dedicated to books has become severely limited. After work, I am usually too tired to think about anything. Sitting down with a book and trying to stay both awake and concentrated has become more difficult. The days, when I could stay up most of the night and read a book from cover to cover, are long gone. Though I have not found the a lot of time to dedicate myself to a hardcover or paperback book, I have not given up on literature. Instead of reading books, I listen to them.

It was several years ago on a trip from Germany to Los Angeles, that I seriously got hooked on the audio book format. I had a copy of the Rufus Beck reading of Harry Potter on my iPod. I had originally added it to iTunes for my kids. Since I was going to be out of the Germany for a while, I thought that listening to the book would help me keep up to date with my German. After 30 minutes, I was thoroughly hooked on the story. After I got back to Germany, I acquired the other six books and listened to them one after another.

The nice thing, about listening to audio books, is that one can multi-task. Whether a person is washing the dishes, gardening in the backyard, painting the house, driving the car, taking the dog for a long walk or just sitting out in a lawn chair in the sun, all of these time-wasting tasks become more productive when one is listening to an audiobook. Listening is a great way continue to read without having to dedicate hours to a book in a quiet place.

If you are learning a second language, audio books are an absolute must. I listen to audio books almost exclusively in German. Not only do I get to complete a mundane task like washing the dishes, I also get to listen to the latest bestseller and practice my German comprehension at the same time. If I lose my concentration and become more focused on my work, I simply let the story continue to play. Then, when I have more time to concentrate on the book, I go back 30 minutes or more and start again. I have noticed that even though I am not always listening to the story with my full attention, my fluency and comprehension improve simply by having the story playing in the background. In this way, you can improve your ability to speak a second language without much effort.

There are a lot of free audio book sources. This something everyone can do without having to spend a lot of money. Listen to an audio book and take back that lost time.

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