• Thanks Obama – Mitt Romney Bumper Sticker
    I bought a Mitt Romney bumper sticker and I still crashed my Jeep! Thanks Obama. Mitt Romney Facts Birth date: March 12, 1947 Birth place: Detroit, Michigan Birth name: Willard Mitt Romney Father: George W. Romney, former governor of Michigan Mother: Lenore (LaFount) Romney Marriage: Ann (Davies) Romney (March 21, 1969-present) Children: Craig, May 14, 1981; Benjamin, June ...
  • Thanks Obama – Killed Girlfriend’s Family
    Thanks Obama! I really love the Thanks Obama meme. When you listen to Fox news, any Republican or anyone old, you hear the most fucked up things about President Obama. Besides the fact that these sources always disrespect the president, they always seem to think that he is responsible for absolutely everything. ...
  • Thanks Obama – My Headlights Are Busted!
    I was talking on my cell phone while speeding. Now my headlights are busted! Thanks Obama!
  • Mitt Romney Bumper Sticker – Thanks Obama!
    Everyone knows that Obama is responsible for everything that bad happens.  Take this bumper sticker for example.  I bought a Mitt Romney bumper sticker and I still crashed my car. Thanks Obama. This work, "Mitt-Romney-Thanks-Obama", is a derivative of "The Crash in the House" by Alan Jakub, used under CC BY 2.0. ...
  • Thanks Obama – The car door won’t open!
    I was driving drunk and crashed my car into a brick wall. Now the car door won’t open! Thanks Obama!

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