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I have wanted to get the pro version of Google Earth for a long time. The $399 price tag, however, has always been a little too steep for my budget. Google Earth Pro was on my list of cool tech gadgets/programs to get along with things like a Makerbot 3-D printer, a high-end telescope, a multi-camera-equiped, helicopter drone and giant Wacom tablet.

Fortunately, Google is now offering Google Earth Pro for free. If you would like to roam around 3-D versions of Los Angeles, San Francisco or some other major city looking for that perfectly hidden free parking space, you can do it without any cost or guilt.

How to download Google Earth Pro:

Follow these 9-Steps to get this fun application for free.

1) You need an application key. You can get an application key at the Google Earth Pro Account Self-Service page. Fill out the form and press send. The key will be sent to your E-Mail address. If you do not want a personal application key, you can use the generic license key: GEPFREE.

2) Go to the Google Earth Pro download page: Here.

System requirements:

  • PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later

3) At the Google Earth Pro download page, you’ll have to agree to Google’s Terms of Service. I actually read most of the terms this time. You are not allowed to use the software to stalk people. If you are a stalker, you should probably not be online at all. Seek medical help.

Google Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro – Terms of Service

You have three options when downloading the program.

  • Software version 7.1 or 7.0
  • Allow Google Earth to automatically install recommended updates.
  • Help us improve Google Earth by allowing us to collect anonymous usage statistics.

I checked the box to download the latest version (7.1). I also unchecked the data collection box. I always uncheck the data collection boxes. I also unchecked the automatic update box because I did not want every Google application on my computer to be constantly looking for new updates.

4) After you pick your options, click the download button. The following screen will pop-up warning you that you downloaded the program from the Internet. Click “Open” to continue.

Google Pro Was Downloaded From the Internet
Google Pro is an application downloaded from the Internet.

5) Navigate to the downloaded file on your computer and click it. If you have a Mac, the following screen will open:

Google Earth DMG
Google Earth DMG (Mac File)

6) Install Google Earth Pro:

The instructions say to “Drag Google Earth to your hard drive and install it.” There are two methods of doing this:

  1. You can simply double click the icon (the round gray ball with the word “PRO” on it). If you do, Google Earth Pro will install itself.
  2. You can drag the icon into your applications folder. If you do, Google Earth Pro will install itself.

7) You’ll get a screen asking you to accept and install the program. You have to accept Google’s policies if you want to use their program.

If you unchecked the box that allowed for automatic updates in Step 3, you’ll get the following message when you install the program.

Google Update Opt-In
Google Update Opt-In Screen

8) Add your license key. If you are using the generic key, use your E-Mail address and the key, GEPFREE. If you filled out the form in Step 1, go to your E-Mail address and open the E-Mail from Google Earth. Your key should be inside.

Google License Key
Add Google License Key

9) If this explanation was confusing or you need help, please make a comment and I will do my best to clarify the process for you. Have fun and happy lurking (though try not to stalk).

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